Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making The Right Choices

The name of the game is making the right choices and the purpose of the game is to answer some questions teenagers would answer and it tells you if there correct or not.It is really cool and I like it a lot it is very cool.It does look good and it is fun.You do use a user and it is cool.I think it does have improvement and suggestions.I want to learn how to design a game like that and I want to make another game just like The Shopping Spree and I hope people like it and keep on playing it when they see it.I would love to play my games and other peoples games.I like to play the games on the wiki page and look forward to play peoples games in Austin on the computer and I hope they are pretty fun.I play The Shopping Spree every time at home and in technology.I play Making The Right Choices too and they are both very fun.

The Shopping Spree

I played these two games called Are You Making The Right Choices and ,Shop Till You Drop and you have to answer some questions on the first one and answer if your making the right choices or not .On the second one you just find stuff you wanna go to the prom in and you have $600.00 to buy all your stuff on the game you don`t have to spend all of it only some of it.I spent only $500.00 and I bought a little but lots of stuff at the same time.I bought a dress,a flower for the guys hand,manicure,a limo.It is very interesting and I like it so much.It does look good it is very cool.It is clear to me.It does work well.It does have suggestions for improvement.I like to learn how to make games and how to make games and how to make different things like I really don`t know what but really different kinds of things.I like to make lots of stuff.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Rules are very important because without them there would be lots of problems and injuries and someone could end up in the hospital .Even end up breaking your arm or parts of your body.Plus the teachers want us to be safe and not getting hurt.Then if someone gets hurt they could blame someone and that person will say they didn't do it.Some of the rules you will need to follow like ...........Turn in work,Respect others,Respect teachers,Respect everyone and everything.Don`t destroy the schools property or anything like that.When we come to technology class we line up outside and skip other people,push each other.Then one gets hurt .Everyone runs inside and runs to the computers because some computers don't let you play games and some computers do let you play games.Students are supposed to act good,follow rules,don`t touch each other or anything your not supposed to.I feel like I am a college prep student other students like the bad kids think they just come to school to play and joke around and they end up getting in trouble with the teacher and if they don`t listen to the teacher they end up with the principal in he office and if they don't listen to the principal she ends up calling your parents and you will probably get grounded .Well some kids get grounded.I know for sure I don't get grounded.My sister gets grounded because she is big and because shes a teenager and she does lots of bad things.But that is the way teenagers are they get into lots of trouble.Shes not really bad but shes okay.I like her though.Other students are bad here not all of them just some kids.I think because there parents have problems and it affects them so the be bad and get in trouble at school.The parents say its just them sometimes but i think its really the parents .Then the kids don't answer the principals questions or the parents questions and they get grounded or get in lots of trouble.We need to do all our work if not we will get in trouble and do our classwork.If I don`t do my work I won`t get grounded but i will get in trouble by my sister.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

On Saturday I Went to the Lady Bird Wildflower Center.I went with my class and we did a scavenger hunt.We had to find lots of different bugs.It was nasty but cool at the same time.We say too spiders one yellow and black and another kinda small black spider.It was on a cactus on a huge web.The black spider was on a flower.I had fun on the trip lots of fun.On Sunday I went to my dads soccer game it was far but other than that he won the soccer game.That`swhat i did this weekend.