Monday, November 7, 2011

Civics : National Politics

I believe that their are much things wrong with this video " Cain 2011 " . The guy that's talking is not even the one that's running for president . And he is smoking and right now smoking is very bad . Another thing that I find " Unbelievable " is that at the end of the video they show the actual guy that's running for president , And his smile is super creepy ! It looks like he's going to get ready to do something dangerous .

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Emperor Penguins - Antarctica

1. What challenges do the Penguins have to overcome ? Avoiding their predators . Starvation , & Mating .

2. How does their habitat challenge their livelihood each day ? Everyday the ice starts to melt , more & more , so that means they have to find another cold spot . What water freezes they have to walk further to find food .

3. What types of adaptations do Penguins need in order to survive brutal writers & Predators ? Warmth , food & water. They have to avoid the predator . But most likely I don't think they can be avoided .

4. Why is there a period of time in which there is practically no sunlight ? How does it affect the climate ? Because it's mostly cold in Antarctica . Antarctica is not a sunlight state . Penguins are supposed to be in the cold .

* Why is it important that the ground be frozen solid during the months of breeding ? Wouldn't be able to keep babies warm . Wouldn't be able to get food for the babies .

* How could climate change impact the mating ritual of the Emperor Penguin ? It could affect it , because the penguin needs to be in the cold . When the ice starts to melt , they move to a different spot . And when they get cold , they huddle for warmth .