Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Single Story 2011

1.What does it mean to have a 'single story' about a place or community? To Have A Bad Or Sometimes Good Thing To Say Like About Something Or Someone . Like For Example East Side They Say Has Alot Of White People , But Other Say ' What Do They Know About The East Side ' .

2.Describe a single story you have heard told about your community. What is missing from that story? How could people learn more about that community?
I've Heard That People Say Their Is Alot Of White People In The East Side , So I'm Guessing Lots Of People Think That Theirs Alot Of White People Here . People Can Learn More About The Community By Exploring The Places They Think Are Bad .

3.Describe a single story you have heard about another community. How did you learn that story? How could you find out more about that community? Lots Of People Say And I've Heard It , They Say That The West Side Has Alot Of White People , And That The People That Live In The East Side Have Way More Money Than Other People . They Can Learn More About The Community By Actually Coming And Exploring Around And They Will See That Not Everything Is True .

How could a game let players experience many stories about a place or community? They Could Play The Game Then , Maybe They Will Go To Where They Are Hearing The Stories And Learn That All Things Are Not True .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 Cyberbullying 2011

This is my first blog post of the 2011-2012 school year.

1. What Is A CyberBully? A cyberbully could be anyone,but it's a person who calls other people names and says mean things that hurts people's feelings,a person that bullies over the Internet.

2.What Are The Different Types Of CyberBullying? Gossip,Impersonate,Threatening.

3.What Should You Do If You Are Being CyberBullied? Always tell a trusted adult.

4.What Are Some Of The Reason That People CyberBully Others? Jealously,too feel powerful,or sometimes they do it because they want to feel power and also because they have been bullied.

We are learning about cyberbullying , and we watched this movie called '' CyberBully" . Its About This Girl named Taylor and her 2 Friends Named Samantha and Shaylynn . So Samantha and Shaylynn Had something called a Clicksters Page , its like Face book . Taylor wasn't to excited about having one , until the boy she liked Scott told her about it , so she went home and made an account so she could talk to him . So on her birthday her mother bought her a lab top and that's when she made the Clicksters page . He Sent her a friend request and she accepted it , the next day they started talking on Clicksters Chat , well its a page where lots of people can just talk to each other . So Taylor got online and started talking to people . And theres this girl named Lindsey and she bullies people . She Would Call Samantha And Taylor Names , and make fun of them , on the Internet and at school . Her Mom And dad are divorced because her dad cheated on her mom . Her Friends Samantha And Shaylynn helped her make the clicksters page . The Next Day When She Got Home She was eating , and her friend texted her and told her to look at her oage so she went and looked , Someone hacked her page and it was her brother but she didn't know until later , Every One Teased her about her status and they commented on it and said horrible things about her . Her mom Found out that it was her brother that changed her status . So he got grounded for 1 Month . But they ungrounded him so he could take care of Taylor . People were still teasing her , so her mom tried and tried and she did everything she could . But no one would help her . So Taylor tried to kill her self but before that she put a video on clicksters saying that she was going to kill herself .. Her friend Samantha saw the video , and she rushed to the house and on the way she called Taylor's mom . So The Ambulance Came and took Taylor to the hospital . She had to stay overnight . The Doctor said its best for Taylor to go to a class to say and listen to what happened to other people and to them selves . So she went and later she found out that this James guy sent her a request on Clicksters and it turns out he was a fake , and her Bestfriend is the one that created the page . So Samantha told Taylor that she made the James page . So Finally They Did Something about it , and they helped her . So they forgave each other . And Went to school again , and Everyone Stood up too Lindsey , The Bully . And Everything was Normal Again .