Friday, September 9, 2011


1. How Old Were You On September 11,2011 ? I Was 3 Years Old , When 9-11 Happened .

2. When Did You First Learn About The Attacks And Who Explained The Events To You ? I Heard About It From School , I Didn't Know Anything About 9-11 Until We Started Learning About It In School . My Teachers Explained The Event To Me .

3. What Kind Of Impact Did These Attacks Have On Your Life Or Your Parents Lives ? It Didn't Affect Me , But I Feel Bad For All The People That Were Inside The Towers , When It Happened , But Who Ever Made It Out , Got Lucky . Most People Did Not Make It Out Of The Building . Firefighters Tried To Save As Much As Possible , But Most Of The Firefighters Died .

4. What Was The Issue With This Game ? The Issue With This Game Is

5. How Do You Feel About It ?

What Is The Problem With Portraying On Such An Awful Violent Event Through A Video Game ?

7. How Can You Make Sure That Your Web Games Tell The Whole Story Or Teach A Lesson In A Horrible Way ?