Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jasmine M.13 2011

The site teaches you like,well you have to answer some questions if people have a right or not to do something.It teaches you like,it teaches like well it depends on what the question is asking you,then it tells you if you got it wrong or not.Two things I liked about the game is that it's like you're learning and at the same time it's like having fun.It's both at the same time.The game I played is called Immagration Nation.It's fun and you can learn alot from it.It's also cool because it has the Statue Of Liberty in the middle of the water.It's in water because you have to click on a boat and if you get it right it takes you to the place where they need to go,but if you get it wrong a little note comes up and says that it's wrong and you have to stay where you are.But it's a really cool site!