Monday, October 25, 2010

Jasmine M.12.2010."The Age Of Stupid".

Hurricane Damaged Everything,But They Were Able To Fix Everything.They're Searching For Oil.Scientists Think They Found Where The Oil Might Be.We Depend On Oil.Getting Samples To find Out If There's Oil Where They Are Finding Fossils.Fossil Fuels Produce Fertilizers,Which Feed Two Billion People.Oil Spilling In The Water,And Killing The Fish.Oil Company In The Peoples Village,Everything is Polluted,Waters polluted,Airs polluted,Everything Polluted.The People Dying Because Of Drinking The Polluted Water.People Getting Diseases.These People Are Living On Less Than 1 Dollar A Day.SHELL Is The Company.It Has Been This Way For 3 Years Now.They Have To Cook The Water To Kill The Disease.The Oil Is Sometimes All Over The Fish,So They Have To Wash The Fish.Diseases Going Around,Skin Diseases,Bronchitis.They're Wasting Oil,Burning Trees Down,Polluting Waters,And The Air.Oil Companies Giving The Government And The President Money,So The Government,And The President Are Making Laws That Are Going To Help The Companies.People Stealing Spices,Land,Water,Gold,Diamonds,People,Lots Of Things.People Going To War Because Of OIL.Americans Came To Iraq And Killed The Kids Dad Because He Was The Best One In All Iraq.Arrivals Of Cars,And Airplanes,Children Now Having Cars To Go To School.Four To Five Thousand Trucks Driving By China Everyday.When Americans Don't Want Their Shoes,They Throw Them Away And They Go To China,And They Buy The Shoes,Then Fix Them,Then Sell Them.Were Using Way More Than We Need To,And Were Just Hurting Ourselves.1% Of Population Is Very Wealthy.People Wanting To Live In A Better House,Better Drinking Water,Better Food To Be Eating.People Thinking They Should Be Living In A Better Home At The Age They're At Now,Wanting To Live In a Comfortable House,Wanting To Live In AMERICA.People Not Happy Living That Way.South West Airlines Has Lots And Lots Of Airplanes.India Doesn't Even Have Half Of That.Hurricane Katrina Damaging Everything,Everything Got Washed Everywhere.People Lost Everything They Had.Not Everyone Was Ignoring The Climate Change.Scientists Warning And Telling People About The Climate Change.But No One Is Listening.If The Temperature Keeps Getting Higher Then There Will Be A WHOLE BUNCH OF PROBLEMS.So He Wrote A Book Explaining What's Happening to The Climate Change.By 2015 The Temperature Needs To Be 2 Degrees Lower For Us Not To Have As Much Problems.People Trying To Cut Down On Green House Gasses,But Just ONE Flight Wastes To MUCH Fuel.People Trying To Fix What Global Warming Did And What It Does.People Blaming It On Other People Because They Say We Had An Opportunity To Fix It And We They Didn't.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jasmine M.#10.2010

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Source 1:
Joseph Newton
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Found October 11,2010.

Source 2:
Nicolai Tewes
Found October 11,2010

Source 3:
Paul Holland&Linda yates
Found October 11,2010

Source 4:
The Nature Conservancy
Plant A Billion Trees
Found October 11,2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jasmine M.8 2010

A Coral Reef is made up of tiny animals.A Coral reef is a tiny animal.They are mostly found in the South Pacific.They are helpful to us because they protect other animals,violent seas,they help aids patients,to help them live longer.They are beneficial to us because they feed us,lots of people rely on fish.Coral Reefs are in danger.What's happening to them is Global Warming is the major cause,fish protect the Coral reef,so if the fish die,the Coral Reef dies.For us to help save the Coral Reefs we can stop fishing,well not stop,but like do less fishing and more helping.Because were taking the fish away from the Coral Reefs,and if we keep doing that more and more are going to be dying.We had so many,now we have so little.We need them to protect us,most people rely on fish and Coral Reefs.Some people don't really care about the Coral Reefs,but the people need to start caring,because Coral Reefs protect us humans.That's why it's important to care!.

One way we can help Coral Reefs is to do less fishing,we don't have to stop,we just have to do a little bit less.

We can tell some divers to go find out what's happening to all the Coral Reefs and tell the scientist to find clues.

Tell more and more people to help by doing whatever they can to help.

Ask people if they know any ways we can help the Coral Reefs.

Talk to older people and see if they know anything about Coral Reefs.

Ask scientist if they know anything,since they know more about animals,and science.