Monday, January 24, 2011

Jasmine M 2011.2

Crayon Physics

I think the game is awesome.You can put what you want to happen next,so you can do whatever you want to do.I think that is really cool.I think we should put something like that in our globaloria games.I think it will help people more,because it's easier to play.Well maybe it looks easy but it may be hard.I think it was entertaining.I would like to play the game.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jasmine M.#1,2011

I think it's a great idea that Google decided to host a Science Fair.Maybe lots of people will enter the Science Fai. It will probably end up being difficult to decide the winner.I can't really actually see myself entering the Science Fair,but if I was to enter then I would well I would have to think really hard about what I would do to enter.I would be too shy to enter.Especially because it's going to be students from all over the world.I would have to think about my ideas for this type of project.I would focus on Life Science.I know lots of people that would enter the Science Fair,and probably would win.