Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Mickey

1.The Ink Is Mickey's Enemy.

2.Mickey Doesn't Know Where He's At,He Sees Paint,And A Paint Brush,And Paint Starts To Drip On The World The Wizard Created.

3.The Ink Monster Came Back To Find Mickey,And He Found Out That Mickey Came Into The World From A Mirror In Mickey's Room.

4.It's More Fantastical,He Enters A World That He's Never Entered Before,Mickey Looks More Like A Trouble Maker.

5.Mickey Looks More Realistic,The Colors Are More Vivid,Mickey Looks 3D.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jasmine M.13.2010

"Strange Days On Planet Earth"

The amount of co2 in the atmosphere would change by weather.If it keeps increasing there might be a tipping point.70% of the Earth is covered by water.Plan tom are mostly eaten by everything,so they only come out at night.There is a team that captures them to see there progress.Over the years they drop by 20%.They are loosing there lives because of Global Warming.That might change the food web and drive fish to extinction.Testing water on crabs,checking what they can and can't live in.If the temperature increases by 2 degrees the crabs hearts can STOP.Change the Food Web and cause an effect the animals that feed on it.Thinking what the should give up to make better choices.People are having trouble breathing.Teaching them how to use an asthma inhaler.Biologists checking why this is happening.Coral is looking Roget.There are less fishes.It is being caused by dust thousand of miles away.Fifty years ago Lake Chad was Africa's main lake.But Lake Chad was caused by drought.Lake Chad produced so many fish.Would watch the children play in the shallows.Mantel spent hours figuring out what's happening.Found a type of FUNGUS.Calling other scientists and asking to try and find samples.What's killing the coral is the same thing that's making the people having trouble breathing.Dust has been blowing for many years,so people are asking why they are seeing these problems now.Trying to figure out what's damaging the computers.There are two air movers in the Atlantic Ocean one low and one high.It's sending dust and it's being caused by Global Warming.Africa is having affect on the Caribbean.

Troubled waters and animals.People saying they spent decades cleaning the waters.People cleaning the ponds,for the frogs.20 frog species have vanished for life.By looking at the frog they look healthy,but the scientists found something wrong in their organs.Atropine is what may be harming the frogs.Someone is collecting frogs,and exploring them.People on farm communities are starting to help clean up the ponds for the frogs,and they are helping by taking water samples for them so they can see what's in the water.For them water doesn't stay put.Hidden in the small waters are white whales.They are known for their whale songs.People say they can speak to whales and whales can speak to them.A chemical has gone to the frogs territory.Scientists are taking samples of the wales skin.The whales are taking in the chemical and also the food they eat has the chemical in it.Shanna found chemicals in tap water.People that go fishing are getting fish,and throwing them back into the water,because they are poisoned.It's a type of mercury.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jasmine M.13.2010.

Strange Species In Lake Victoria.Predator That Dominates This Water It's A Crocodile.But That's Not Their Only Problem.People Are Getting Diseases.A Certain Plant Is Giving The People The Diseases.The Plant Was Put There By A Love Couple And Brought A Weed Type Of Plant,That Spread Through The Water.A Monitor Lizard Was Sent To Kill Rats But They Rarely Encounter.They Put A Kane Toad To Poison The Lizard.They Put A Type Of Worm In The Water To Wipe Out The Plant That Poisons The Water.United States Is Being Invaded By Fire Ants.But No Harm Was Being Caused Before.In Hawaii There's A Dangerous Thing That Can Cause Land Slides.It Causes A Delta And There Are Animals That Can't Be Found Anywhere Else.It Was Brought Because The Person Was Seduced.It's Called Mikonia.

Millions Of Gallons Of Sea Water Keeping The Ship From Sinking.Two thirds of mammals disappearing.For as long as they walked Earth they have taken animals everywhere with them.Animals are decreasing.Strange days on planet Earth.Researchers believe that cars are a waste of energy.Animals are killing each other.Caribou's travel 5 miles every year.Taking photographs of islands and counting the animals on the island.60,000 animals vanished.Twice a year people and Caribou's cross the river.Climate is changing so fast,people are worried about the animals.To escape the tiny bugs Caribou's go to the hills.Mosquitoes can suck about a tablespoon of blood from a Caribou.Caribou dig through snow dozen times a day.Deeper snow also makes it harder for the Caribou's because the wolves.When the Rain gets into the snow it goes in and gets between the Caribou and it's food.Thousands of Caribou lost their lives.Possible that Caribou can no loner recover.People mostly interested in their families,themselves and surviving.Don't know what they can do to change the situation.Some people think they should do something about it.They live around their so they see what's happening.Some people Think That No one cares about the Artic.They don't think it's a big problem,but he thinks it can be solved.Some people are saying that they don't want people to be telling them when they can and cannot drive.They don't know what they can do to change this situation because it's a global problem.