Monday, March 19, 2012


Respect Means , Being Nice , Treating People The Way You Want Them To Treat You . In The Classroom It Looks Like , You Sitting & Working . Not Talking While Teachers Talking , Paying Attention , Helping Peers When They Need It . In The Computer Lab It's No Gum , No Food Or Drinks Around Computer . You Hands Have To Be Clean . Don't Get On Inappropriate Web Sites , Working . Not Slamming The Computer Screen . Not Touching The Screens . In The Hallways , It's Not Running . You Can Talk , But You Have To Talk & Walk At The Same Time , No Horse Play . No Inappropriate Things ( PDA ) . During Breakfast It's You Throwing Away Your Trash , When You're Done . Not Throwing Food , Chewing With Your Mouth Closed . During Lunch It's The Same Thing . Not Throwing Food , Cleaning Up After Your Self . Chewing With Your Mouth Closed . Not Yelling Across The Room . When We Have Visitors , It's Being On Your Best Behavior . Not Horse Playing , Not Running In The Halls . Not Yelling Across The Hall . When We Visit Other Places , We Have To Be On Our Best Behavior Because Were Representing Our School . We Are Exemplary , And We Have To Show That Our School Is The Best Yet . So When We Visit Places , They Can Talk About How Amazing We Are .

Friday, March 2, 2012